Wood Fuel

  • Wood fuel supply

Pioneer Energy can help future proof your business with a transition from fossil fuels to wood. With proven, established expertise, a secure supply solution can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Pioneer can assist with feasibility studies, funding, boiler and chipping plant selections.

Wood chip dimensions and moisture content can be adjusted to match your existing boiler plant and fuel handling system, giving you the most economic return.

Wood chip is already the fuel of choice for industries, hospitals, councils, schools and universities and Pioneer is one of New Zealand’s largest suppliers of high quality seasoned wood fuel.

Benefits of changing over to wood fuel with Pioneer:

  • cost effective
  • environmentally friendly
  • guaranteed supply
  • local material
  • sustainable

Pioneer has wood supply hubs in Dunedin, Naseby and Christchurch and is the Australasian agent for Heizomat GmbH. Pioneer is an accredited wood chip supplier and a member of the Bio-energy Association.

For more information call Pioneer: 0800 WOODFUEL (966 388)